Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Scoop...On Poop!

Since my entry into motherhood I have become obsessed with things that non parents would find strange and weird. For example, no matter how many times my sons make little sounds, copy my facial expressions, or do something utterly cute that they may have done before, I lose my mind over how adorable they are. Every. Single. Time.

There are so many things that I do that make me feel like I'm apart of a secret underground club of parents, where the members just sit around and talk non stop about all the cute things their kids do, and show a billion pictures of how cute they are, captured in a precious pose to show the world.  I recently have discovered that I started doing something that I have only heard about in urban legends.

I have begun to analyze my boys poops and compare them to one another in surprising detail. I am constantly monitoring the texture, color, consistency, and even smell of my boys' dirty diapers. I have been keeping a mental chart because I very well can't go around telling others my concerns, or amusement over my latest obsession.  Can you imagine a group of people talking and one of them just randomly opens their phone and shows a picture of their baby's dirty diaper like " So usually his poops are pretty predictable but this one was so odd it really threw me for a loop. Does this look normal to you?"

But, I was tempted to unleash my mental chart upon every person I ran into, when sons' had orange poop after eating carrots. It was so strange to me, I for one, have never seen orange poop before, ever. If my boys could talk I would definitely want to ask them what they think and bow they feel about their poop cause its like a crazy reflection of their little lives, reduced to the inside of a dirty diaper.

I'm just going to charge my poop observation obsession to the game of motherhood, because according to Google, this is completely normal.

So comment away!!!!

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