Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Let T.V. Babysit My Kids Sometimes. So What.

When I was pregnant I made an idealistic, far from realistic, list of things that I was going to do and not going to do with my beloved double blessings. As many first time moms tend to do, I was very rigid in my stance and views on the way I was going to raise my children, and the things that I was going to allow them to do. 

On the top of my list I vowed to never let the television babysit my kids, especially at a young age. I always had a ridiculously self righteous view on this. My children were never going to sit glued to the tube. Never. 
Now I definitely do not think it is right for kids to sit in front of the television for hours, that is a definite no no, but I was viewing even small amounts of TV watching as unnecessary. 

Well after the twins popped out, my idealistic motherhood bubble was popped as well, as I began to discover the need to have a moment free to take a shower, and how two screaming babies can ruin a wonderful 10 minute shower time. 

This is when I discovered Comcast's OnDemand, (thanks mom for introducing this beautiful channel to me :) ) where there is a channel just for babies. Where 10 min Baby Genius shows, with songs and colors galore, are found. Where my twins learn 10 minutes of Espanol while I shower off baby spit up, dried up sweet potatoes and pears, and wipe all the breast milk spots off of my tired twin mom body. 

Who knew how glorious ten uninterrupted moments of time could help recharge your batteries and give you the extra push to jump full swing into loving and nurturing your little ones. Mom's have one of the toughest jobs on the planet, and we can get burned out way too easily sometimes. 

I suggest taking advantage of the telly every once in a while, because 10 minutes can turn a worn out, exhausted mommy, into a Disney princess, full of theme songs and laughter. 

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