Friday, November 15, 2013

iLove: Chai Tea

When I was a girl I had one goal and one goal only, for the most part, and that was to be a princess  lady with class. 

I read classy lady books, shout out to Louisa May Alcott for "Little Women", watched classy lady movies such as movies that had girl spies as the main character, wore classy lady clothes, which consisted of skirts and dresses, and wanted to ride my bike side saddle just like any classy gentlewoman would. 

My motto, right after "what would Jesus do?'

Anything that strikes me as classy, and speaks to my inner hippie, I immediately add it to my list of loves; which is why chai tea is a prominent fixture on that list.  

Ahh chai I doth love you so!

Is it because of its creamy decadence when milk is added and stirred in a clockwise motion? 

Is it because it has half the caffeine content of coffee and gives you an even range of energy, instead of rapidly spiking then dropping your energy level?

Is it because it centers my chi and makes me feel like I can take over the world?

Or is it because everytime I drink a cup I feel like I am Audrey Hepburn smoking a cigarette in one of those fancy cigarette holders? 

It is for all those reasons and more that I am the self proclaimed spokesperson for all things classy  chai.

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