Monday, November 4, 2013

iLove: My Infantino Play Mat

Whenever I need a break to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, do my hair, eat, drink, or any other little task that I took for granted before my little love bugs got here, I reach for their Infantino play mat. 

That play mat has given me countless minutes where I can catch me breath by keeping my boys thoroughly entertained. I am beginning to realize that most of my go to products are of the Infantino brand, but they are wonderful and my kiddos love them.
The playmat that I bought them

The boys have two play mats, both Infantino, one that their father and I bought them and one that they received as a gift. They love the one that was a gift. Go figure.

But if they like then I love it! Play mats are definitely a great way to go to keep your baby entertained and contained in a safe place for them to explore and have tummy time, (before they learn how to scoot/crawl and break away from the mat). 

The play mat they love. Can I blame them though? This thing is big enough for a bicycle built for 2!

So comment away!!

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