Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hello all.

i had the most wonderful christmas this year. it was filled with family, twins,
love, food, laughter, peace, joy, and awesome gift giving and receiving. i feel like the entire month of december has been wonderful. there was no stress and very little rushing and every day was enjoyed and celebrated until christmas day itself. 

it was the boys first christmas and they were lavished with presents from both sides of their family, and only one gift by us (;p). (cut us some slack they're only 9 months, and they had a ball ripping open the wrapping paper to their fisher price basketball hoop.)

christmas is one of my favorite time of years because of the warm feelings that christmas brings. the desire to give generously from the heart and bring others joy is what i love about christmas. the excitement. the anticipation. the generosity. the family bonding. the general feeling of good will and love. these are the feelings of christmas that should be carried with us through out the year. 

i hope everyone's christmas was as blessed and beautiful as mine was. 

merry christmas and happy new year from king and ky. guess which one is which. haha 

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  1. Glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I'll take a guess Ky has on the blue and king has on the red! Happy New Year guys!!!!

    1. You got it right! I kinda gave that one away though lol
      Happy New Year to you as well!