Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Make Your Own Edible Snow!

I made my own snow in my freezer today and now I am going to share with you the simple steps to making your own freezer snow:

  • Place a can of Sierra Mist in your freezer

  • Forget to drink the soda and pass out due to sheer exhaustion of chasing after twin boys who put any and everything into their mouths

  • Wake up the next morning and go about your day as usual

  • Put your babies down for a nap and try to take one yourself

  • You and babies wake up to what you think is a gunshot, or somebody trying to break in to your apartment 

  • You leave the room and grab the fireplace poker  because you need protection from whomever is trying to break in your home

  • You go into every room searching for an intruder, and checking all the locks and windows

  • Everything looks fine so you go about your day

  • Hours later you happen to open your freezer and see that it is covered in snow, and you realize that the soda can you had placed in there had burst and covered your freezer in lemony lime slush

  • You also realize that the gun shot sound came from the can bursting

  • You have an epiphany 

  • You take the can put a spoon in it and eat the "snow"

  • You enjoy your treat

Yup. I created this delightful treat.

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