Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Fundamentals of Crib Sharing

I am pretty sure it has been quite some time since I have graced the internet with my blog post presence, but I have A LOT going on right about now to put it lightly. For example, right when I sat down to write this I hear a huge crash followed by the sound of broken glass. 

I hop up and run to the boys room, where it is baby proofed and gated up, to find that they were able to reach behind the dresser and knock their lamp down, thus shattering the light bulb. Thankfully the sound scared the bejeezus out of my mischievous 2, so they didn't decide to play baby fear factor and crawl over glass.  Crisis averted with no blood, no bodily harm, and very little tears.

aawww they were so small!
Back to the post at hand.  I was recently going through a history of the boys life from fetuses to big bad almost 10 month olds, and I came across some pictures of the boys crib/bassinet sharing that made me smile and I decided to share a couple of them with you and give my views/experience if you are thinking about crib sharing for your twins.

I highly recommend bassinet/crib sharing in the beginning because your doodles went from being smooshed together in a uterus, to now being separated for the first time ever. That can be scary, and I found that my boys relaxed and slept better when they could smell each other and be smooshed up against each other. I was big on recreating the womb experience for my guys lol. 

Some of peoples fears for crib sharing is that the babies will roll over on each other or suffocate each other, I have never had that happen in the new born stage. When the boys got too big to share a bassinet, even though they each had one of their own, I moved them both to a play pen as we didn't have our crib set up yet. The play pen gave them way more room to roll around and still be near each other. 

Now that they are older they still crib share, but I will sometimes put one of the boys in their play pen because they will try and wake the other up, and Ky likes to use King as a footstool to try and climb out the crib every now and again. Crazy visual I know. 

I love waking up in the morning hearing them talk to each other, taking turns crying to get my attention, or playing together. I probably have only a couple more months of crib sharing, since their first birthday is fast approaching, so I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.

stacked babies who snuggle!

Do you or have you crib shared?

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  1. omg, soo cute!! i didn't even realize such a thing existed.. twins are awesome :)

    1. Thank you!!! I think the double thing is pretty awesome too!!