Saturday, February 22, 2014

11 Months Already!

My boys are 11 months today, and I cannot believe how fast the times has flown. It seems as if only yesterday the only indication that I had that they existed was the positive little pink sign on the 4 million pregnancy tests that I had peed on, and now they are great big boys.

Great big boys who are walking, and eating big people food, and making more messes than mommy can clean up. 

Great big boys who fight, and wrestle, and can say 'mama' and 'dada' and 'hi', and who scream and sing and cry.

this is what 11 months looks like

Great big boys who are kind, and loving, and observant.

Great big boys who give hugs and kisses, and want to be hugged and kissed.

Great big boys who love to laugh, and make others laugh.

Great big boys who warm mommy and daddy's heart, and fill them with more love than they ever knew that they could carry.

I am so thankful for these past 11 months and I am counting down the days to my boys big 1st birthday. I love my little monkey boys.

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