Sunday, February 9, 2014

Things I Am Grateful For

With the hustle and bustle of life, it is sometimes hard to focus on the positive instead of the negative. It can seem like a chore sometimes to stop and smell the roses and soak in all of the wonderful little gifts that you have been blessed with on a daily basis. This is especially true if you have children of any age. Its hard to find a minute to stop and just think, let alone compose a list of things to be grateful for, but it is so necessary to realize the blessings that we have; it refreshes and recharges us and gives us fresh perspective. That being said here is my list for the week.

1. King's silly, goofy smiley ways. This kid cracks me up on the daily!

2. Ky's first steps! This kid is going to be a walking maniac I tell ya!

3. My Love for forever supporting me, talking to me, listening to me, and encouraging my dreams. Baby you da best!

4. Netflix lol Yeah I Said It!! So what?!?!

5. Bubble Baths

6.  Highchairs, an awesome way to keep Thing 1 and Thing 2 contained

7. Gerber snacks = my sanity 

8. Blogs from moms/parents in general

9. A full night's sleep whenever I can get it

10. This blog, it's a great way to process and keep track of this wonderful journey called parenthood!

What are you grateful for?

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