Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't Call it a Comeback

So I have coined a new term to describe myself called 'slazy'. It means I have been sleepy and lazy at least 100% of the time. At 23 weeks, this pregnancy has been kickin' my butt from the roota to the toota. I have been trying to maintain some energy and manage my inner crazy preggo.

With the twins' pregnancy I feel like I was remarkably emotionally stable and just overall chill, until after the boys were born of course lol. With this pregnancy I feel like I have been extremely emotional and sensitive and it has been driving me craaaazzzyyy. I just want my emotions back!!!

On a really positive note, I feel like I have finally come to peace with the fact that my body is completely capable of  growing and birthing a baby vaginally, since the twins were brought into this world through good old fashioned c section. I have been naturally apprehensive of labor and delivery and VBACing because I have no idea what to expect. All I really know is that I DO NOT want a repeat C section, no way, no how. C Sections are not my cup of tea.

I have been trying to read a lot of positive VBAC stories and affirmations and I must say that they, coupled with prayer, have really been working in helping to put my mind at ease about the birthing process. I want to have the most positive and uplifting pregnancy, labor and delivery possible.

22 weeks pregnant and the poster child of slazy

I'm really loving the Ina May Gaskin affirmations that I found on Pinterest, I'm copying them here if there are any preggos out there who need a little bit of positivity and light during this baby growing time.


Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth: Updated With New Material
My body is beautifully and wonderfully made.
My heart and body know exactly what my baby needs, my mind is learning.
I am a powerful, loving and creative being.
My pelvis releases and opens as have those of countless women before me.
Good strong contractions help my baby come into the world.
My body contains all the knowledge necessary to safely birth my baby.
My baby knows how and when to be born.
Birth is a safe and sacred experience.
My baby will be born healthy and at the perfect time.
I am a strong and capable woman.
I am a powerful, loving and creative being.
I am willing to meet myself with kindness in all that may arise.
I accept this labor as my labor and believe it is the right one for me and for my baby.
I feel the love of those around me.
I proudly step forward and take my place within the collective of motherhood.

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  1. I love those words from Ina! I hope you get your VBAC! I tried for one, but it just didn't work out, so I'm about to have my third c-section. Sigh. I think for me the best place of peace is knowing the goal and my desires, but being able to rest in the fact that birth goes its own way sometimes. I hope that you can have a safe and wonderful VBAC because I fully believe in the benefits for mom and baby unless there are complications necessitating a section. Hope your support is great and will be checking back to see!

    1. Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging comment!!! I too agree with that a birth can take on a life of its own, and I just want to be able to surrender to the experience in the end. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and delivery!