Tuesday, June 24, 2014

29 Weeks and Counting

So I am officially 29 weeks pregnant and, yes I am not one of those who are capable of consistently tracking their pregnancy, because I honestly just forget and the weeks just seem to sneak up on me. I am shocked that I am already 29 weeks. Eeeeeekkkk, in no time at all I'll be holding another precious baby boy in my arms. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in earlier posts that we found out we are expecting a new little baby boy, and I'm so excited!  I feel like I'm so used to being a mom to little boys that another boy will be easy peasy puddin' and pie. 

I am anxious and a little nervous waiting for him to get here and to meet him for the first time. I feel like with pregnancy you're never ready until baby is actually in your arms. I'm also not looking to that kind of empty feeling where baby used to be inside my body, because even with how difficult this pregnancy has proven to be at times I love having him safe with me and feeling him moved inside my belly. I always feel so blessed to be on this journey of motherhood once again.

Now that I'm 29 weeks my body has definitely adjusted better than it was doing earlier. I think my body literally went into shock getting pregnant when the twins were only 9 months old, but it has adjusted and we are cruising along just fine now. No more morning sickness for the last 2 months now, I can eat red meat and tuna without hurling, and I definitely have a healthy appetite again; and that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

I have eleven weeks to go and I am striving for a really peaceful journey.

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