Sunday, June 15, 2014

So You Think You're A Dad?

      I don't think it's even possible to put into words the deep admiration and love that I feel for My Love as a man, as my soul mate, and as a father. Nothing fills my heart to overflowing like seeing the way the twins adore their dad and the way that he adores them. 
Dad's can be jungle gyms too
          The genuine love, intense interest, and patience that their dad displays and heaps on the boys in overwhelming amounts, completely takes my breath away. I cannot sing his praises enough when it comes to the devotion that he shows his family. 
     When the twins were first born I was really sick with pre/post eclampsia, had sky high blood pressure, a blood clot in one of the major veins in my abdomen, and was drugged and disoriented to high heaven due to the c section. Scary I know. Because of all this My Love spent the first hours of the boys lives with them by himself while I was in recovery.
     When I was able to join them, he had to teach and help me learn the boys and their needs. He encouraged me while I learned and got adjusted to breastfeeding. He went above and beyond, picking up my slack and being my rock and ally through sleep deprivation and two babies who had two different schedules. He did all this with a smile on his face and I can never remember him complaining, even though he'd work a full day and then come home and hop right in the trenches with me.

I'm pretty proud that King was wearing matching socks, (small victory)
Father's Day was created just for dads like him. For dad's that are so incredible, that they have both their kids and wives, waiting for them by the door for them to get home. For Dad's who are so amazing, that they make their kids wake up in the middle of the night and early in the morning just to hug and kiss them. For dad's who clean high chairs, pack diaper bags, change diapers, dance, laugh, sing, and genuinely enjoy spending time with their children. Father's Day was created so I could tell My Love and the world how much I adore, love, respect and admire him for all that he does for his family, and how incredibly thankful and blessed I am to have him as a soul mate and the father of my children. 
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