Wednesday, July 2, 2014

They Have a Mind of Their Own

My kids do what they want.
They don't like clothes, so they don't wear them. They like to go outside completely naked and I let them, because why not? I have attempted potty training, and it was like trying to corral two wild naked animals who pee at the drop of a dime, without warning on every free, and not so free surface; so I have taken a break on that. They like to climb the forbidden places like the TV stand, and then scoot down behind it and freeze, as if them remaining absolutely still will make them invisible to my ever present mom eye. They like to try and explain themselves or ask questions in the best English they know how to speak, and they love to repeat the 10 words that they do know really well, over and over, especially Ky. To him, everything is hot, if it's cold its hot, if it is hot its hot; and it is so adorable.

They like to discover and figure things out for themselves, fight over random things and then kiss and make up. They shower me with constant love and affection, making me feel like there is nobody on earth who is better than their mama, besides daddy of course. They have very strong and distinct personalities and are both head strong in their own ways. King is an absolute mama's boy to his core and I can't say that I don't love that. Ky is a mama's boy on his own terms, and he loves to emulate and copy his dad. If daddy is getting dressed then Ky has to get dressed too, even though he never stays dressed for long.

The fact that they have their own personalities and minds has been both my constant source of delight and a constant challenge, as I watch and help them grow and learn and develop into even bigger tiny little humans. I have noticed that the challenges of motherhood has made my love for my children, and being a mother, deepen; because there is so much growth and joy in the parts of motherhood that get kind of crazy.

The victories and sweet moments become so much sweeter when they are weighed against how precious and fleeting the time is that your child is truly a child. It helps me keep it all in perspective and not lose my mind when the boys rip their diapers off and poop on the carpet, and this perspective is what makes me stand in their room by their cribs watching them sleep at night with a heart so full of love for them that it physically hurts. They are their own little people, and mama is so proud.

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