Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"America Eats Its Babies"

Mike Brown, an 18 year old black man, was gunned down by the police in Ferguson MO a few days ago. According to the police officer who murdered him, the shots fired were the climax to a physical altercation between him and Brown; but according to the dozen of eye witness reports Mike Brown was gunned down in cold blood in the middle of the street. Mike Brown was unarmed and had his hands in plain sight when he was murdered, yet people are still trying to find a way to make it seem like this young man bought his untimely death upon himself. I was absolutely disgusted when I heard the news of yet ANOTHER black man being killed by the police. I have never heard of a white person/youth getting shot to death in broad day light, and I am sick of seeing my people getting killed and brutalized left and right by the police, or by a gun happy white citizen backed by stereotypes and fear as seen in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis; and no one really taking a stand against it to make a difference.

I am tired of the excuses that are being made on the behalves of the officers who are committing these crimes. I am tired of hearing people try to make it seem like these victims brought these acts upon themselves instead of treating them like the victims that they are. Lets get something clear, the entire police force is guilty across the entire nation. There is no 'some cops are good, some are bad' excuses anymore. The actions of one will be reflected upon all, because this type of cold blooded killing and brutality in general happens far too often, and if the police force truly wanted to change something then they would put a system of checks and balances in place that wouldn't allow power hungry cops to run around like murdering animals. Instead of standing by their "brothers in blue" the police that commit these crimes would be punished according to the crimes that they commit. 

Racism, discrimination, and prejudice still exist and are just seen in different forms today than they were some 50-60 years ago. Instead of lynchings, we have police brutality and shootings, and the systematic picking off of the black people through an unfair justice system. This is the New World Genocide. This is the picking apart of our future bit by bit, black youth by black youth, family by family. Police officers commit heinous crimes against black youth and people in general and then hide behind the guise of 'serving and protecting' and flip the script on the victims by imposing stereotypes upon them.  

This has to end. We have to take a stand because this is our future. These young men would have been our future fathers, doctors, voters, graduates, business owners, life coaches, and so much more; yet they are never given the opportunity to take advantage of their full potential. I am Mike Brown because I am a mother to 2 young black men with a third on the way. I am Mike Brown because I am married to a black man. I am Mike Brown because I have my cousins, brothers, uncles and father is black. I am Mike Brown because I feel the pain that this tragedy has caused, I feel the helplessness of the situation because it seems that justice never gets served. I am Mike Brown because no one deserves to live in fear of those who are supposed to 'served and protect', based off the color of their skin and gender. We are all Mike Brown because we are human and this should not be happening. Things like this should never happen. We must take a stance. We must make a change. We must speak out. America has to stop eating its babies. 

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