Saturday, August 2, 2014

Week 35

I have officially hit week 35 and I am happy about it! I found this wonderful encouraging birth website where many positive natural birth stories can be found. You can check it out here.
I have found some really awesome tools on the site that have helped to make me feel empowered and more comfortable about the labor and delivery process, and my body's ability to birth this baby successfully. I am really big into affirmations and positive vibrations and this site has a ton that are beautiful and would put any mom to be at ease. 

I have yet to pack my hospital bag, but I will be getting that done slowly but surely over the next few days. The boys will be staying with my mom for a day or two after the baby is born and I want to pack them a bag with new pjs and a toy or two and some of their favorite snacks, and some other things that will make them feel really comfortable while they are away from mommy and daddy.
I am definitely feeling like the time to meet the new baby is coming closer as I have been withdrawing into myself and really feeling the power of the life inside me. As hippie like as it sounds I feel as if I am a Goddess when I am pregnant, to have a life created inside you, to carry that life around, to be of one flesh with your child and then to birth your child into this world; can only be seen as one of the most sacred acts. I am truly embracing the beauty of it all and the power my body holds. 

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