Monday, February 3, 2014

Can you potty train 10 month olds?

My kids are stinky. Like, for real. So stinky that changing their diapers make me gag. So stinky that I have diaper changing anxiety because I never know what I'll find in those diapers and because my boys refuse to sit still and just let me change them. No, my little guys have to practice their exorcist style back bends and grabbing on their little man packages. 

Like, really???? Really guys??? Why must you insist on grabbing onto your poop covered little man packages??!? This will forever drive me crazy. Did I forget to mention that my kids dirty diapers smell like they are rotting from the inside out. The inside out people!!! I just want to sit them on the potty and then flush their stinkiness down the drain, but nooooo, I have to wrestle them to the ground, hog tie them, keep their hands out of their poop, wipe their little butts, throw another diaper back on them, wrap the dirty diaper in 3-4 plastic bags, then Febreeze the house like there is no tomorrow. 

Forever gone are the days when I thought their poopy diapers were cute, because they didn't stink. I have changed one poopy diaper too many and am burned out. I can't wait to potty train these guys.

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